Where and How Can You Find the Flight Number?

Flight Number

Posted on Sep 9th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Dec 27th, 2022

If you want a smooth-sailing journey to your destination, you need to keep important details like the flight number in mind. Every flight has a unique identifying number, regardless of the airline and destination. You can use this identifying number for many things, including using the ‘track my flight’ option on the airline’s website. But how can you identify the right flight number?

What is a Flight Number?

A flight number is a combination of codes and numbers. It consists of 1-to-4-digit numbers and the airline’s two-character IATA code. It is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It has two characters which are written in uppercase letters. For example, AA is the IATA code for American Airlines and AC for Air Canada. The 1-to-4-digit number represents the flight route. For example, AI 187 is the flight number used for Air India’s flights from New Delhi to Toronto. So, if you’re looking up something in AA Manage My Booking, you need a number that will be AA ‘123.’

Through flight number, one can identify each flight that run on a specific route on a specific date. It helps Air Traffic Control to organize and track the flights up in the air. 

IATA codes are pretty simple but the numbers on them can confuse you. The organization has assigned even numbers to flights flying to East and North, while flights flying to West and South have odd flight numbers. This is also used for state outbound and inbound flights. For example, AI 185 is the flight number for an Air India flight going from New Delhi to Vancouver, and for the return flight, it is AI 186.

When it comes to flight numbers, can signify a lot more than you can think. For example, carrier’s flagship connections have lower value numbers. For domestic flights, the flight number is between 3000 and 5999 and shared flight often have code numbers over 6000. Flight numbers starting with 8 indicate charter flights. Here’s a look at some flight number examples:

  • Air Canada flight from Mumbai to Toronto is AC 47
  • Air India flight from New Delhi to Vancouver is AI 186
  • Lufthansa Trip from Mumbai to Toronto has two stopovers. The flight codes are LH – 757, LH – 6794, and LH – 6570. 

You can use IATA flight search to find the numbers for different airlines and flights. On certain trips with connecting flights, you will see more than one number on your ticket. Read carefully to determine which flight number is for your current leg of the journey. 

What is IATA? 

IATA or International Air Transport Association is a travel and tourism organization. It promotes liaison among all the airlines. Currently, the organization has 278 airlines as members. They set regulations and policies for airlines to ensure all operations are up to standard. IATA ensures the safety of aircraft and air travelers.

IATA also provides the uniform information that is visible in your check my flight details. You will notice that the information provided is similar regardless of the website you use for booking. 

Popular Airline Codes 

There are many airlines that operate flights from Canada to India and vice versa. Some of the most popular airlines and their codes are mentioned below:

  • AI – Air India 
  • AC – Air Canada 
  • EK – Emirates 
  • BA – British Airlines
  • AF – Air France
  • AS – Alaskan Airlines
  • AA – American Airlines 
  • UA – United Airlines 
  • WS – WestJet 
  • TR – TigerAir

These codes will be followed by a series of numbers to indicate the destination. Just looking at the flight number should give you information like the airline name, destination, and direction. Finding this information is as easy as typing something like ‘Lufthansa flight code number’ in the search bar. The code of LH for this particular airline. 

How to Find Flight Number?

Travelers can find their flight number ion their boarding pass and flight ticket. After booking your flight tickets, the airline will send a confirmation message along with your flight number. For example, your British Airways ticket confirmation message will include your flight number, PNR number, origin and destination information, flight date and time, and other relevant information. 

Just look for BA followed by a series of numbers on your ticket to find the number. It is that simple!

Why Do You Need Your Flight Ticket Number?

Knowing your flight ticket number is essential when you’re travelling. While there’s very little chance of you boarding the wrong flight, finding the correct one can be a hassle if you don’t know the details. 

In small airports, you may not need to look far to find your flight and board it without hassle. However, major airports are always busy and often have multiple flights from different airlines heading for the same destination at the same time. That can get pretty confusing quickly. Memorizing the number is easy and can help you find your destination quickly, regardless of how busy the airport is. 

You also need the number for e-Ticket look-up. If you’ve lost your ticket or need to get details, you can use the combination of flight number and PNR number to get the information you need. 
You can also use the flight number to contact customer service to get latest updates on the flight and make flight ticket confirmation enquiry.

How Are Flight Numbers Decided?

Airlines go through a complex algorithm to get the flight number. They have to gather the past as well as the present flight numbers of every airline. There are some simple rules that organizations follow, though they can’t be considered hard and fast rules. For example, flights heading east and north have even numbers while flights heading to the west and south have odd numbers.

Airlines and travel organizations also avoid certain numbers just because of the negative connotations associated with them. Some examples include:

  • Numbers like 666 and 13 because of the superstitions surrounding them. 
  • AA11 that American Airlines used for their Boston to Los Angeles Route. It was discarded after the 9/11 attacks. 
  • MH 370 was also discarded after the flight disappeared in 2014. 
  • Airlines also don’t use numbers that are already in use to name aircraft models like 757 or 737 to avoid confusion.

All information on flight numbers is easily available online. You can also see the details during the booking process. If you have booked on a travel website or airline website, you can just look for ‘check my air ticket’ options to find the details.


Q. Are PNR numbers and flight numbers the same thing?

Ans: No, flight number and PNR numbers are different codes. Flight numbers are assigned to particular flights and are fixed regardless of the day and time of the trip. PNR or Passenger Name Record codes are unique alpha numeric codes assigned to every individual journey. It is autogenerated during the time of the booking and can be used to fetch details about your trip. PNR code can be found on the top-left corner of your air ticket. 

Q. Where is flight number on ticket?

Ans: The flight number is usually written on the top left side of the ticket or the bottom left side of the ticket depending on the airline and ticket format. You just need to look for the IATA code followed by numbers to find it. The flight number will be clearly mentioned. 

Q. How to find flight number for Air Canada?

Ans: You can find the flight number for Air Canada by looking at the booking details. You can also use the IATA website to get information. 

Q. What other information is included in the flight ticket?

Ans: The flight ticket also includes information like address of the issuing agency, passenger name, departure date and time, date of issuing the ticket, number of the ticket, origin and destination details, validity of the ticket, status of the ticket, policies related to flight cancellation and refund, payment method, breakdown cost, baggage allowance, and tax breakup. 

Phew! That’s a lot of information about a simple flight number! But all information is good information. 
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