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Best Canadian Travel Insurance

Posted on Jun 13th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Aug 8th, 2022

Looking for the best travel insurance in Canada? That’s a wise decision! Traveling without insurance can be quite troublesome. If you’re lucky, everything goes smoothly and you don’t experience any issues like health scares, injuries, lost baggage, theft, etc. However, accidents can happen unexpectedly and you end up paying out of your pocket for them. A cheap travel insurance Canada can help you avoid unexpected expenses. 

What is a Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a policy that protects you and covers unforeseen or unexpected expenses on a trip. It covers things like flight delay or cancellation-related costs, medical or hospitalization expenses, lost luggage costs, theft or loss of expensive items, and more. Different insurance policies offer different levels of protection. 

It is best to compare travel insurance and see which one is most effective and offers good coverage based on your budget. Always include the cost of travel insurance when you plan your travel budget. It is the most essential expense to consider because traveling without insurance can end up causing a lot of trouble. 

What Should an Insurance Policy Cover?

Like all insurance policies, what travel insurance covers can vary from one policy to another. That’s one of the reasons why research and comparison are necessary. Let’s look at some of the basics the best travel insurance Canada should cover:

  • Medical and health expenses, including pre-existing medical conditions. 
  • Medical evacuation. 
  • Ambulance fees or out-of-province transfer fees.
  • Reparations in case of death. 
  • Flight cancellation expenses. 
  • Trip interruption expenses. 
  • Lost or damaged luggage. 
  • Document replacement costs (passport and other important travel documents)
  • COVID-19 coverage.

The best quality travel insurance will cover all of the basics effectively at a reasonable cost. It is important for travelers to have a realistic idea of what the expenses will be like. For example, if you wish to carry an expensive device like a DSLR camera or an iPad Pro with you on the trip, make sure you have travel insurance with high personal belongings cover. 

Assistance Services

Look for insurance companies that offer assistance services as well. They can come in handy when you’re in an unknown place and don’t know how to get the help you need. The additional services may include:

  • Assistance if your passport is lost or stolen. 
  • 24/7 emergency assistance. 
  • Translator services. 
  • Assistance to local the nearest hospital. 
  • Telemedicine support. 

These are some of the additional services a trusted travel insurance provider will offer. We still recommend double-checking the information or contacting the provider directly to know what kind of perks are offered. 

Best Travel Insurance in Canada

When you look online, you will find several reputable insurance providers. You can find everything from top medical to low-cost travel insurance in Canada. However, determining which ones are best for you can be a challenge. We have some recommendations!

1. BCAA Travel Insurance 

This insurance company is popular in British Columbia and is often rated as the top insurance provider in the region. It offers:

  • Affordable and flexible plans start at $20 per trip. 
  • Single-trip and multi-trip plan options. 
  • Visitors to Canada insurance. 
  • Coverage for COVID-19, including treatment, quarantine, and trip cancellation offered with conditions. 
  • Worldwide medical assistance and worldwide virtual care. 
  • Up to $10 million coverage. 
  • Free for kids. 
  • Single trip and BCAA annual travel insurance options are available. 

Like most insurance providers, BCAA offers dedicated emergency support, including a 24/7 emergency phone line and 365-days service. 

2. CAA Travel Insurance 

CAA or the Canadian Automobile Association provides different kinds of travel insurance options to people from different places in Canada, including Quebec, Ontario, Niagara, and more. The company is often considered Canada’s most trusted brand. You can expect:

  • Single and Multi-trip plan options. 
  • Visitors to Canada insurance
  • Affordable and flexible plans with coverage of up to $5 million. (for fully vaccinated individuals.)
  • COVID-19 coverage with conditions. 
  • Emergency medical treatment support. 
  • Transportation, meals, and accommodation support if plans are delayed. 
  • Additional upgrades are available at additional costs. 
  • 24/7, 365-day multi-lingual support. 
  • Vacation packages insurance available. 

COVID-19 wasn’t covered by CAA travel insurance Canada before but since the Canadian government has allowed travel, the illness and related problems are also covered. We recommend reading your policy documents carefully before traveling. Membership provides additional discounts and benefits. 

3. Blue Cross Travel Insurance Canada

Blue Cross is one of the most trusted names and it provides very comprehensive insurance policies, which is one of the reasons why it is considered the traveller’s choice travel insurance. This company offers:

  • Up to $10 million of insurance coverage. 
  • COVID-19 coverage is provided to fully-vaccinated individuals. 
  • Free insurance for kids. 
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage. 
  • Worldwide coverage. 
  • 24/7- and 365-days emergency support. 
  • Options like Blue Cross International travel insurance and Blue Cross Visitor to Canada travel insurance options available. 
  • Trip protection to protect against cancellation, delays, trip interruption, and damages. 

It may also be one of the best COVID travel insurance Canada for fully-vaccinated individuals. Read their COVID-19 sections carefully to see if they provide coverage according to your requirements. 

4. Manulife Travel Insurance Canada 

Manulife has some of the best travel insurance plans and provides additional coverage for COVID separately. This means you may get travel insurance with up to $5 million coverage with an additional $1 million just for COVID-19. 

  • $5 million coverage and $1 million coverage are available for COVID-19. 
  • Insurance is available for Canadians, Students, and Visitors to Canada. 
  • Coverage extensions and top-up plans are available. 
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions is available. 
  • Single and multi-trip plans. 
  • Children get the same protection and coverage. 
  • A visitor to Canada medical plan covers physician, ambulance, hospitalization, and prescription drugs coverage. 
  • 24/7 emergency support 365 days of the week and a smooth claims process. 

Manulife insurance covers three generations and is often considered the best Canadian travel insurance for seniors. It is a trusted brand that even Air Canada partnered with in 2021. 

5. World Nomads Travel Insurance Canada 

As the name suggests, World Nomads travel insurance is popular with budget travellers, backpackers, and solo travellers. It has global coverage and is ideal for individuals who are likely to engage in a few high-risk activities like watersports, trekking, skiing, and more. Offerings include:

  • Up to $10 million of insurance coverage is offered. 
  • Coverage for over 200 adventure activities.
  • Limited coverage for COVID-19 as it is considered a known event now. Certain coverages won’t apply. 
  • Coverage for lost baggage, theft, and damage. 
  • Dental is covered domestically and abroad. 
  • Different packages are available. 
  • 24/7 emergency support available. 

If you’re looking to go backpacking across the wilderness, this may be the best visitor insurance Canada. The company claims to be an insurance provider for travellers by travellers so their policies are often tailored to a backpacker’s unique requirements. 

6. RBC Travel Insurance 

RBC is well-established insurance coverage that offers medical, life, auto, travel, and other such insurance coverage. There are many travel insurance options available that make it one of the best options for travel insurance inside Canada

  • Unlimited coverage for emergency medical.
  • Single-trip and multi-trip annual plans are available. 
  • Separate travel care package for seniors over the ages of 65 or 75. 
  • Non-medical packages are also available.
  • 24/7 emergency support is available in multiple languages. 
  • Group insurance options.
  • Coverage is based on different types of travel like destination weddings, Dream vacations, within Canada, and more. 

Their travel package is comprehensive and covers things like trip cancellation, baggage loss, flight or travel accidents, and more. 

You can compare offerings from all of these companies to find the best cheap travel insurance plan for your trip. Make sure your policy covers everything you need to cover and is flexible enough to handle unexpected events. You can also call the insurance company. 


Q. Where can I get travel insurance?

Ans: You can get travel insurance directly from the insurance company’s website or insurance aggregator websites. Both options are reliable, but aggregator websites allow you to compare different policies and determine whether they’re suitable for you. 

Q. Can I extend the travel insurance policy?

Ans: This depends on your insurance provider. If your trip is open-ended, it is a good idea to ask your provider if the insurance can be extended. You may also want to get long-term travel insurance in Canada in that case. If you are forced to remain at your destination due to unforeseen circumstances, let your insurance provider know immediately. 

Q. How to claim insurance?

Ans: Different insurance providers have different claims processes. We recommend reading your policy document and the insurance provider’s requirements carefully before making the trip. Keep the provider’s number with you and let your travel companions know who to call. 

To claim the insurance, you will need to call or email the claims number/email address. You need to keep all receipts of unexpected expenses, carry details of your insurance policy, and contact the local authorities in case of theft. Be sure to contact your insurance provider immediately after there is any sort of medical emergency or hospitalization. 

Q. Is travel insurance worth buying?

Ans: Yes! Especially if you’re traveling internationally because the medical expenses in some countries may consume the entirety of your savings. Replacing a damaged or stolen passport can also end up being a bit of an expensive affair. It is best to have some form of coverage to handle these costs instead of going without insurance entirely. 

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