List of Best Indian Restaurants Near Me In Canada To Dine

Indian Restaurants In Canada

Posted on Jan 21st, 2022 by Pawanpreet Kaur, Last updated on Oct 17th, 2022

Indian-inspired Chicken fingers to Masala curries with the best of flavours, the list of Best Indian restaurants in Canada is sure to pamper your tastebuds. Canada offers a huge variety of fine dine Indian restaurants nearby that stands out from others in their creativity, the freshness of Indian ingredients, originality, and presentation of dishes. If you are looking for some South Indian restaurants in Canada or ones with North Indian cuisines in Canada, then look no further.  

We have compiled a list of the best Indian restaurants in Canada, so you can enjoy your time here without having to worry about where to eat in this foreign land. The only issue you might face: there are too many great Indian places to eat in Canada and, that too in each province. Now save your stomach from being ravaged by hunger pangs and hop into the “Indian restaurant near me.” Ditch chocolate mousse over desi ghee Halwa for a day and thank us later!

List of Top Indian Restaurants In Canada 

  • Sula Indian restaurant
  • Hurry curry Indian restaurant
  • Royal Indian restaurant
  • Guru Indian restaurant
  • Namaste Indian restaurant
  • Swagat Indian restaurant
  • Penticton Indian restaurants
  • Balti Indian restaurant
  • Classic Indian restaurant
  • Clove Indian restaurant
  • Moksha Indian Bistro 
  • Atithi Indian restaurant
  • Saffron Indian restaurant
  • Zaika The Indian Cuisine 
  • Salam Bombay
  • Agra Tandoori Restaurant

List of Top Cities With Indian Restaurants In Canada

Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Indian restaurants in Brampton have surely taken both North Indian and South Indian cuisines to new heights. From colourful spicy curries to tandoori butter naan’s, Brampton is sure to give you a lot of platter choices, sizzling specials, and appetizers. To help you with the right Indian place to dine-in Brampton, we have sorted the best list for you. 

Indian Restaurants in Calgary

Calgary being a cosmopolitan city has saved the best of Indian flavours in its different regions and streets. To taste the lip-smacking Indian desi food in Calgary, check out our list of best Indian restaurants in Calgary – so you can immediately jump on a plane and try more Indian cuisines moving forward. 

Indian Restaurants in Surrey

Get packing to try the best restaurants for Indian cuisines in Surrey. With a plethora of buffet options to choose from, our list of Indian restaurants in Surrey can save you heaps of time and hassle when trying to navigate your way into an Indian restaurant. Surrey happens to be one such place that has something for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in Indian flavours. 

Indian Restaurants in Edmonton

Craving for some chicken gravy and spicy-fried rice? Indian restaurants in Edmonton are sure to give you some excellent Indian options to dine in the city. Right on the streets with some live Bollywood music and amazing ambience while you enjoy your delicious tandoori snacks and main course. Most of them have a full bar with an exotic list of Mojitos and Cocktails. 

Indian Restaurants in Montreal

Craving for a local taste of Indian cuisines in Montreal? Our list of best Indian restaurants in Montreal comes to the rescue. From fragrant chicken and fish curries to vegetarian paneer gravies, this city represents the best Indian taste with a twist of Canadian ingredients. Now, experience the hospitality of Indian places to eat in Montreal with the endless desi options to choose from. 

Indian Restaurants in Ottawa

Dive into some true flavours of India in this lively city. There are many different Indian restaurants in Ottawa that boast delicious dishes and Indian desserts native to India. Go through our list of Indian food places to eat in Ottawa that stands out from the rest as being truly unique. From exotic ingredients to hospitality, each of these places will connect you more with India. 

Indian Restaurants in Vancouver

A beautiful west-coast seaport that serves the best of Indian cuisine in Canada.Indian restaurants in Vancouver are all about live Bollywood music, appetizing Indian food, and delicious desserts. So if you wish to take a break from maple syrup and poutine for a while, Vancouver has everything on the table for you. With further ado, check out our top picks to dine-in in Vancouver. 

Indian Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto being a beautiful Canadian city represents Indian cuisines at their best. From interesting desi menus to the true flavour of Indian streets, Indian restaurants in Toronto will take the best care of your palette. So as soon as you get off the plane, head straight to these exotic Indian restaurants in Toronto to enjoy Dhaba-style Indian food.  

Indian Restaurants in Halifax

Halifax has the best mix of both North Indian and South Indian restaurants in Canada. From tandoori chicken and samosas to Goan-style fish curries and rice and crispy dosa to spicy Momos, the Indian restaurants in Halifax represents India in a gastronomical way. Explore our list of best Indian places to eat in Halifax where you can dine right now. 

Indian Restaurants in Niagara Falls 

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, Indian restaurants in Niagara Falls are best known for their culinary taste. Most of these have the best buffet options serving spicy Indian starters, delicious main courses and delectable Indian desserts. To enjoy the most sophisticated Indian cuisines, Niagara falls has some perfect options to eat right now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Which are the best Indian veg restaurants in Canada?

Ans: Namaste India in Edmonton, Sula Indian restaurant in Vancouver, Curry Twist Restaurant in Toronto, and Moksha Indian Bistro in Niagara Falls are some of the best Indian veg restaurants in Canada.

Q : What are the best Indian restaurants near Banff?

Ans: Spice Hut, Canmore, Indian Authentic Cuisine, Masala and Indian Curry House are some of the best Indian restaurants near Banff. 

Q: Name some of the Indian restaurants in Mississauga?

Ans: Mango Mirchi. The Maharaja, Guru Lakshmi South Indian restaurants in canada also, Bombay Bhel and Feast of Dilli are some of the perfect Indian places to dine in Mississauga. 

Q: Where can I have the best Indian Chicken in Canada?

Ans: Agra Tandoori Restaurant, Butter Chicken Factory, and Butter Chicken Roti are some of the great places to taste the flavour of Indian chicken in Canada. 

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