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Air India Check in Policy

Posted on Apr 25th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Aug 8th, 2022

Air India is one of India’s most popular airlines and AI web check-in is a fairly straightforward process. Like most airlines these days, you can go through the entire check-in process online and simply print out your boarding pass. We explain the entire process in detail so you are prepared for your journey.

Air India Online Check-In 

There are multiple ways for passengers to check in online depending on their route and preference. The process can be slightly different so it is important to check the details carefully before your flight.

1. Air India Domestic Check-In

Air India domestic check-in is easy. You just need to visit the Air India website and find the option for Web Check-In. It should be in the header menu. Once you click on the page, you need to choose between the option for using your Booking reference/e-ticket number or Frequent Flyer Card Number. Once you choose an option, you just need to fill out the form with the following:

  • E-Ticket Number (13 digits) or Booking Reference Number (6 digits.)
  • OR Frequent Flyer Program Airline/Program along with Frequent Flyer Number. 
  • Departure Airport
  • Passenger Seat Selection
  • Passenger Information 

Once you enter all of these details, you can check the summary of the information and then print the domestic flight boarding pass

If you don’t need to check in any luggage, you can just walk toward the boarding gate and get on the flight. If you do need to check baggage, drop them off at the baggage counter and head for the gate. 

The Air India domestic check-in time starts 48 hours before the scheduled flight and closes one hour before the scheduled flight. Baggage check-in is open 6 hours before the flight is set to depart. 

2. Air India Check-In for International Flights 

Air India web check-in for International flights is similar to the check-in for domestic flights. You need to enter the details and follow the steps mentioned above. The details include:

  • E-Ticket Number (13 digits) or Booking Reference Number (6 digits.)
  • OR Frequent Flyer Program Airline/Program along with Frequent Flyer Number. 
  • Departure Airport
  • Passenger Seat Selection
  • Passenger Information 

These details are applicable for most international destinations Air India serves. However, the timings for international flights check-in are different. The form opens 48 hours before the scheduled flight but closes two hours before the scheduled flight. 

Another detail to keep in mind is regarding the Air India boarding pass. Once you finish the international flight check-in process, you won’t immediately get the boarding pass. Instead, you will need to print out the Confirmation Slip and then hand it over to the Air India agent at the dedicated counter.

You will get a boarding pass after you follow through with the international travel check-in formalities. Baggage check-in is open six hours before the flight is set to depart. 

3. Air India Express Check-In

The check-in process for Air India Express is exactly the same as that for Air India. The same processes mentioned above apply to Air India Express. For international flights, you need to check in two hours before departure. For domestic flights, you need to check in an hour before departure. 

However, the website for Air India Express check-in is different. You need to visit the dedicated Air India Express website to carry out the check-in process. 

4. Air India Web Check-in on Mobile

If you fly Air India frequently and rely on web check-ins, it may be a good idea to download the AI Mobile App. The app makes web check-in easy and quick. You also have all of the information you need regarding your travel in one place and within easy reach. 

You need to keep a few things in mind when it comes to Air India web check-in on Mobile:

  • You can check-in through the mobile app for all Air India and Alliance Air flights. However, you can’t check in on Code Share flights. You will need to use web check-in or direct check-in for this. 
  • Check-in on the application begins 48 hours before the flight and ends 90 minutes before departure. 
  • You will still need to print out the air boarding pass to board the flight. You can have a copy of the boarding pass emailed to you from your phone to print it out. Just showing your boarding pass on the app may not be sufficient. 

People that require special services like a wheelchair, medical equipment transport, or with an unaccompanied minor ticket will need to check in manually at the airport. They can’t use the mobile app or online check-in. 

This is everything you need to know about Air India check-in. We recommend reviewing the information provided on the Air India website because the details may change without warning. 


Q. How many people can I check in at one time?

Ans. You can check-in up to nine people at the same time through Air India online check-in and mobile check-in. 

Q. Do I need to print out the boarding pass?

Ans. Yes, you definitely need to print out the boarding pass if you carry out the web check-in. While some airports accept digital copies of the Air India boarding pass, most will require a physical copy. It is best to be safe than sorry when it comes to this. 

Q. Is Air India web check-in available for all locations?

Ans. Yes, the web check-in is available for all locations however, people flying out of Stockholm need to click on the link provided at the bottom of the Web Check-In page to check-in. Passengers from any other destination need not click on that link. 

Q. Do I need to pay extra for getting a preferred seat?

Ans. There are some seats available during check-in and you can pick them for free. However, some seats are reserved for paid preferred seat service, which should be done during the ticket booking process and not during the web check-in process. 

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