How to Apply for a Canada Visitor Visa from India

Visitor Visa details for Canada from India

Posted on May 13th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Aug 8th, 2022

Visiting Canada can be an experience of a lifetime but you need a visitor visa to enter the country. Getting a visa isn’t as complicated as it first appears. The process is now digital and you have all the relevant information available at your fingertips. If you’re keen to explore the beautiful country but are intimidated by the visa application process, we make things easier by explaining the process in detail. 

What is a Visitor Visa?

Canada offers a wide range of visa options based on the traveller’s reason for the visit. The visitor visa is usually for short-term or tourist visits. If you want to explore the country for a few weeks or stay at a loved one’s home for a couple of months, you need a visitor visa. 

This visa is valid for six months once it is issued so you have room to plan your visit and explore all the places you wish to explore on your trip. 

You can apply for the visa on paper or online, but we recommend applying for Canada tourist visa online application from India. The process is more streamlined and efficient online. 

How To Apply for A Canada Tourist Visa?

The visa application process is fairly straightforward. Here’s a concise overview of what you can expect from the tourist visa process for Canada:

1. Open an IRCC Account 

The first step is to open an IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) account. Once you have opened an account, you can:

  • Start an online visitor visa application form.
  • Submit the form.
  • Make the required payments.
  • Get messages regarding your application.
  • Keep track of the application process. 
  • And update your information. 

We recommend keeping all of the log-in and account details with you at all times, even after your visa is approved. If you need any sort of extension or wish to apply for the visa again, doing so from the same account will be easier. 

There are two ways to create an account. You can either create a GCKey account or use a Sign-In partner. The Sign-In partner is a banking institution you may have an account with. During sign-in, you will be asked to choose a banking institution to log in with. If you don’t find your bank, create a GCKey account and fill out the visitor visa application according to the instructions provided. 

2. Fill Out the Canada Visa form in India

Once you have the account set up, you can start filling out the form. There is no need to rush this process. We recommend first studying the form carefully to see what kind of information you need. Note down all of the details on a document or paper and collect all required paperwork. 

Once you have everything you need, you can start filling out the visitor visa application form. There’s no need to fill the entire document in one sitting as you can save the form and only submit it once it is complete. 

3. Submit Visitor Visa Documents 

Based on the application you have submitted, the application program will request a few documents. Make sure your documents meet the size and format requirements recommended by the website. The documents required for a Canada tourist visa from India are different from the documents required by some other countries. The list usually includes:

  • Original passport and old passports if you have them. Make sure the passport has six months of validity from the date of your arrival in Canada. Indian passport holders are usually encouraged to renew their passport a year before it expires. 
  • Three color photographs with a white background, matt finish, 35x45cm with approximately 80% of face size. 
  • Your completed visa application form. 
  • Details about your hotel bookings during your stay in Canada.
  • Day-to-day itinerary of your visit to Canada. 
  • Air tickets, both from India to Canada and Canada to India. 
  • A cover letter with all your details, travel information, and the details of any travel companions you may have. 
  • If you’re employed, you need six months of salary slips. 
  • If you’re self-employed, you need to submit Shop Act, MOA, or Deed. These documents are to establish you have a source of income. 
  • If you’re a student, you will need a student ID copy. 
  • You will also need personal bank statements covering six months and showing a healthy balance. 
  • Income tax returns filed for the last three years. 
  • Retired individuals need to provide retirement proof, pension passbooks, and slips. 

This is a non-exhaustive visitor visa for Canada document checklist. You may be asked to submit additional documents even after you apply. The department will contact you through your IRCC account. If you have submitted your application on paper, they will email or mail the request to you. 

4. Biometrics 

Once you have submitted your application online, you will need to register your biometrics as a part of your visitor visa for Canada from India requirements. The process of getting biometrics done is explained below:

  • You need to submit your application along with a biometrics fee. After submitting the application, you will get a letter with details about how and where to submit biometrics. 
  • You need to visit the location in person and submit your fingerprints and photo. This must be done within 30 days so be sure to apply when you are free to visit the location in person. 
  • The biometrics information will be processed by the department and once it is processed, you will see the information show up in your IRCC account. 

Registering your biometrics is essential because you won’t gain entry into Canada without them. The security will compare your biometrics when you land with the information available on record before letting you proceed.

5. Visa Processing 

The final part of the Canada visa process from India is the approval process. The department will carefully examine your documents and application before determining whether you are eligible to visit Canada. 

They may ask you to give an interview and go through a medical exam before approving your application. If the application is considered incomplete, they will return it to you unprocessed. 

If the application is approved, you will get your passport back with your visa printed on it. If it isn’t approved, you will get all the original documents back without a visa. 

Once your visitor visa is approved, you can visit the country and can remain there for up to six months. You will get a more accurate idea of how long you’re allowed to stay in Canada when you pass through security at the airport. The border service agent will stamp your passport and tell you how long you can remain in Canada. 

Canada Visa Fees from India

The fees depend on the type of visa you are applying for. There may be some additional costs to consider like the biometrics fee. The fees required will be mentioned clearly on your application. Here’s a look at the fees required for a visitor visa application:

  • Canada Visitor Visa from India – Individual – CAD 100
  • Canada Visitor Visa from India – Family (a group of five) CAD 500
  • Extending your stay beyond six months – CAD 100 per person
  • Restoring your status as a visitor – CAD 200. 

Canada tourist visa from India costs may change without notice. These prices are current as of May 2022. You may want to look at the most current prices at the time of your application. 

This is all you need to know about Canada visitor visa from India. You can apply for Canadian visa from India online and enjoy a relatively stress-free process. As long as you have all the required documents and submit a complete form, you should be able to get approval quickly. 


Q. Do I need a visa to visit Canada?

Ans. Yes, Indian citizens do need a visa to visit Canada for any length of time, even if they intend to stay there for a day or two. 

Q. Is a visa on arrival available?

Ans. Unfortunately, there is no Canada tourist visa on arrival for Indian citizens available at this time. You will need to complete the application process and get approval from the Canadian government before you’re allowed into the country. 

Q. How much are Canadian tourist visa fees in Indian rupees?

Ans. The Canadian Visitor visa for an individual costs CAD 100. Based on the recent currency rates of May 2022, the cost is around CAD 5988. You can use the currency convertor available only to convert CAD to INR to know the most current rates. 

Q. Will I get a refund if my Visitor Visa application is denied?

Ans. No, there is no system in place to refund the fee you paid along with your application. That’s why we encourage people to study their application carry and double-check all of the information entered. We also recommend making sure your documents are always in order and all of the information in them is easy to read.

Well, that’s everything! 

Now you know how to apply for a tourist visa for Canada from India! 

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