Travel from Toronto to Mumbai via Heathrow on a One-Stop Air Canada Flight

New Route Launch Toronto to Mumbai

Posted on Nov 29th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Nov 29th, 2022

Air Canada, Canada’s national carrier and its largest airline, has started running one-stop flights from Toronto to Mumbai and back via London’s Heathrow Airport. These new non-stop flights started operating on October 30th and will pause at Heathrow for refueling and rest. 

Air Canada Toronto-Mumbai Flight Schedule

This flight from Toronto to Mumbai will approximately take 18 hours and 25 minutes and 20 hours and 40 minutes from Mumbai to Toronto. The break in London will last for 2 hours 40 minutes. The flight number is AC856 from Toronto to Mumbai and AC855 from Mumbai to Toronto. 

It will depart from Toronto at 20.30 Canadian time, and arrive at Heathrow at 8.30+1. It will depart from Heathrow at 11.10 and arrive at Mumbai at 01.25+1. The flight leaves Mumbai at 04.45 from Mumbai and arrives at Heathrow at 09.20 and leaves London at 12.00 and arrives at 14.55. 

The Comfortable Boeing 787

Air Canada uses the popular Boeing 787-9 widebody for this flight. There are 247 Economy Seats, 21 Premium Economy Seats, and 30 Signature Class Seats. The Premium Economy seats recline partially for additional comfort while the Signature Seats recline fully and will lay flat so you can sleep comfortably. 

The flight is run every day and there are several alternatives to it. If you prefer Air Canada and have been waiting for a direct flights to Mumbai from that airline, this flight will serve your purpose. 

Other Options You Can Explore

If you don’t manage to get a ticket, there are seven other daily flight options available for this route. Air India has two 787-8s on this route every day. British Airways has two daily 777-20ER and A350-1000 flights and they plan to introduce another in mid-December this year. 

Virgin Atlantic also runs a daily flight, a 787-9 as well along this route. No matter what option you pick, you will have a comfortable journey. 

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