Can I Travel To Canada From India? Know the Latest India to Canada Travel Restrictions

Latest India to Canada Travel Restrictions

Posted on Jan 4th, 2022 by Ankita Awasthi, Last updated on Aug 8th, 2022

In the wake of the new covid variant scare, the India to Canada travel restrictions, ban and regulations have been revised. Under the new guidelines, in order to travel to Canada from India flyer can shuttle to their desired destination. While one must avoid boarding a flight unless needed; if the travel is an essential affair that can not be postponed, one must know the eligibility criteria.

So, who exactly is eligible to travel from India to Canada and back? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest travel restrictions Canada from India ,so that you may book your upcoming India to Canada flight with no ifs and buts for the same.

Latest Travel Restrictions on Flights to Canada From India (as updated on 15th December 2022)

Avoiding a non-essential international travel schedule is not only safe but is a wise step amidst the Omicron variant spread risk. However, under unavoidable circumstances, if the individual has to travel to Canada from India, here are the most important rules and guidelines that they must follow and read through. 

Passengers flying to Canada from India

Direct Flight

Speaking of the direct flights from India to Canada news update, the officials have announced that if the flyer has cleared up the eligibility criteria for the India Canada travel ban and regulation, they must also:

  • The travel restrictions Canada from India suggests to carry a pre-certified Covid negative molecular test. The test must be authentic and conducted by Genestings Laboratory, metro station, Airport connecting building (ACB), Indira Gandhi International Airport, only. 
  • The test must be conducted within 18 hours before their flight departure time.
  • The test report must comprise a functional QR code that will already be issued by the mentioned laboratory and submitted to the air operator before the passenger’s check-in process. 
  • The passengers who have previously been diagnosed positive with Covid-19 can submit their positive test results, medical and quarantine history, and current negative test reports. 
  • Please note: Following the Canada travel restrictions from India, The positive test report must be dated 14 days or more prior to the Canada flight departure time. 

In case a passenger fails to meet the travel regulations requirement, the airport authorities can deny their boarding for their respective flight. 

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Indirect Flight

Irrespective of flight type (direct or indirect), the passengers are firstly required to complete the eligibility criteria (listed above) to board a Canada flight and enter the country. Once the formalities are complete, the flyer must learn and reach prepared for the latest Canada India travel ban and regulations at the airport.


As every country has its own set of travel rules and guidance, few countries do not let the passengers arriving from India or with Covid-19 medical history enter or transit through its airports.

  • All the international airports aren’t equipped with the Covid testing facility for transit passengers. 
  • In case you are diagnosed positive at your transit airport, there is a higher chance that you’d have to abide by local quarantine regulations or be deported back to your departure location.

As you now know the complications that you might face in indirect flight boarding, make sure you read thoroughly about your transit country’s travel regulations as well. In-depth research of these regulations can help the passengers easily work through the situation. The passenger may also change their transit airport location if the regulations are unfavourable to the passenger. 

Vital Documents for Travel To Canada From India

Every country protects their boundaries with a set of regulations. As a consequence of the spread of the new covid variant, Omicron, the Canada travel restrictions from India have been revised. Although all of the basic air travel documents are the same as it was in earlier times, a few certifications have been categorized as mandatory documents for boarding a flight to Canada. 

  • Passport: Passport being the first and foremost document to board any flight, a flyer must have a valid passport with a generous amount of blank leaflets in it. Carrying a passport while checking in at the airport should not be missed. 
  • Visa: A valid visa is another document that validates your travel to Canada from India, and it is one of the eligibility tracks which enables you to move further with your traveling. Without a valid visa, a flyer cannot reach Canada.

Most famous visa types that one can opt from and proceed further while following the travel restrictions canada from india-

  • Tourism visa
  • Work visa
  • Business visa
  • Student visa

Select the choice of visa you can and wish to proceed with; incorrect information detected through the immigration office can lead to passengers deporting to their departure destination. 

Residency registration: Under travel restrictions Canada from india, If travelers plan to stay more than 180 days at the desired destination, they must get a government-approved authentic residency registration certificate.

Covid Negative Report:  As mentioned under Canada travel restrictions from India ,The report must be conducted within 18 hours before the flight departure schedule. The negative report must be authentic and conducted at the mentioned institution only. Needless to say, travelling to India from Canada during covid is a risk-taking act and a passenger must only move forward if the traveling purpose is unavoidable. However, airports and airlines have been practicing precautionary measures to the best of their ability, so a flyer could be safe while traveling.

Photo ID proof: The photo ID proof of an individual is required at various points of boarding and booking a Canada flight. Henceforth, amongst all the vital documents a flyer may carry, he must also keep his photo ID document handy.

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So, if you’re flying from India to Canada or Canada to India, do not forget to double-check upon all of your vital documents for a seamless boarding experience. Also, if you have any further flight-related queries, you can always reach out to MyTicketsToIndia for assistance at the ease of your house. 

Who can fly to Canada from India:

A person with all the valid documents and a valid reason to board can reach the destination. Again, the non-essential travel might not be entertained under India to Canada travel restrictions and may be subjected to deportation by the immigration official. 

The essential travel reasons are inclusive of :

  • Individuals with a habitual habitat (PR) in Canada
  • People who earn their prime source of bread, medication, and basic need necessities from Canada
  • The person whose business or services adds up to the country’s economic supply chains. 
  • A student has a higher degree opportunity from one of the universities of the country.

If an individual has one of the above reasons and is up for boarding their respective flight, they are implying:

  • they are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, a person registered under the Indian Act, or a protected person
  • They have a valid Covid-19 negative report and are not showing any symptoms relating to Covid-19 or the new covid variant, Omicron. 
  • They are arriving in Canada with a reason that allows them to quarantine for 14 complete days before resuming their cause of reach.


Q. Can I travel to India from Canada now?

A. Yes, you can travel from Canada to India now while keeping all the essential boarding documents and medical test reports ready on the day of departure.To board a flight at ease, the flyer must make sure to tick out all the eligibility requirements under Canada travel restrictions from India.

Q. What is the status of the travel ban from India to Canada?
A. The Canada travel ban for India has been lifted as per the latest India to Canada travel restrictions. However, the passengers must avoid flying for a non-essential travel purpose. 

Q. Is the Canadian government planning a flight ban from India to Canada?

A. No, ‘Canada banning flights from India’ is a false update and has not been announced by any government official. In fact, the latest India Canada travel ban and regulations especially applies to the passengers flying for a non-essential travel purpose. 

Q. When international flights will open from India to Canada?

A. The international flights from India to Canada are currently functional for all the passengers. However, under Canada travel advisory Indians must plan traveling if it is essential and non-avoidable. 

Q. Did India flight ban Canada for air shuttling?

A. According to the latest Canada India travel ban and regulations issued, Neither did India flight ban Canada for air shuttling and nor is there a ban on flights from India to Canada announced through a government official. 

Q. Are flights from Canada to India open?
A. Yes, the flights from Canada to India are operational. However, the travelers can air shuttle only under given Canada India travel ban and regulations.

The ‘India Canada flight ban’ rumour has been surfacing time and again ever since the pandemic years came into existence. But, as per the latest Canada India travel ban and regulations, only non-essential travel purpose shall be denied to proceed.

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