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Red Eye Flight

Posted on Apr 29th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Dec 12th, 2022

If you travel frequently, you may have heard the term ‘red eye flights.’ These flights are often popular among business travelers and people who fly frequently out on short trips. In this post, we explain everything you need to know about the red-eye special flight so you can decide whether it is a good choice for you. 

What is a Red Eye Flight?

Simply put, a red-eye flight is a flight that runs during the night. Instead of taking off anytime during the day, the flight departs after 10 PM and arrives at the destination in the morning. 

It is called ‘red-eye’ because it is believed that this kind of travel is exhausting and passengers don’t get enough sleep, so they arrive at the destination with ‘red eyes,’ indicating their tiredness. The trip can be exhausting for people who can’t sleep on flights or aren’t familiar with this form of travel. However, that doesn’t mean everyone finds it uncomfortable. Many people choose a red-eye flight simply because it is less stressful and exhausting for them. 

What are the Red-Eye Flight Hours?

The definition of red-eye flight hours can differ from one region to another. However, as a rule of thumb, flights that depart at around 9 or 10 PM and arrive at the destination at around 5 or 6 AM are considered red-eye flights.

They can typically last anywhere between four to six hours or stretch a little longer. Sometimes, the flight duration can last more than a day and still depart at night and arrive in the morning. 

How Do Red Eye Flights Work?

Many new travelers wonder if there is a difference between regular and red-eye flights. How do they work, and what kind of service can a passenger expect? Here’s a glimpse of how these flights run:

  • Carriers run red eye flights to take full advantage of their resources. Instead of airplanes just sitting on the tarmac at night, they are in the air and helping the carrier earn more profits. 
  • Most domestic red-eye trips have at least two pilots and a full crew of flight attendants. 
  • If the red-eye flight is on a multi-day trip, the crew is given time to rest and relax before the trip so they are ready to handle the workload. 
  • If the flight is going to be in the air for more than 8 hours, an additional pilot is assigned to ensure every pilot gets a reasonable break during the trip. This ensures no one is exhausted or unfocused in the cockpit. 
  • There is a crew-rest area where pilots and crew members can sleep for several hours to recover. 
  • Any flight of over 12 hours has two fully-active crews that work on a rotation to ensure everyone gets enough rest. 
  • Most carriers will not schedule another flight for the same crews after a red-eye to ensure they have time to recover from the trip. 
  • All airports that cater to red-eye flights have technologies equipped to ensure the airplanes can take off and land safely. 

The airlines do their best to ensure a red-eye flight is safe for everyone, whether they are a passenger or a pilot. Since there are well-rested flight attendants working, you won’t experience any significant compromise in service. 

Benefits of A Red-Eye Flight

Why do people travel by red-eye flights when they can book a ticket for day-time flights easily? This nighttime travel option is appealing to passengers for many reasons and we list the benefits before:

  • Getting to the Airport is Easier – Roads leading to major Canadian and Indian airports often have a substantial amount of traffic, especially during rush hours. Sometimes, people are forced to spend hours just on the commute to the airport. However, traffic is relatively mild during late evening and early morning so you reach the airport faster. 
  • Less Crowded Airports – Airports themselves are less crowded during late evenings and early mornings. The check-in and baggage drop lines are shorter, boarding is quicker, and the environment is quieter. It is much less stressful to get on the flight during this time. 
  • No Wasted Business Hours – This is one of the reasons why a red eye flight is popular among business travelers. Instead of wasting working hours or weekend hours on the flight, you can just travel during the night. If you manage to sleep during the trip, it will be like no time is wasted at all. 
  • More Time on Vacation – Like business travelers, leisure travelers can also benefit from red-eye flights. Their vacation time won’t be eaten up by the flight. For example, you can board the flight on Friday night, reach the destination on Saturday morning and have a full Saturday and Sunday to enjoy your trip before you board the return flight on Sunday night and return home on Monday morning. 
  • Affordable Red-Eye Flight Tickets – Yes, red-eye flights are considerably cheaper because of the odd hours. Despite their advantages, they aren’t as popular as day-time trips, which is why they are priced slightly lower. You can save a few hundred dollars on your trips by picking this alternative. 
  • Flights are Less Crowded – There are generally fewer people on red-eye flights than on daytime trips. The overall environment inside the cabin is more peaceful and less noisy. That can be a boon for people who don’t like crowded daytime flights. Less crowded planes also mean you have an easier time sleeping on the flight. 

As you can see, these flights can be very beneficial for the right traveler. There are some downsides, especially if you’re unable to sleep peacefully on the plane. You may end up arriving at your destination tired, cranky, and nursing a headache. However, if you plan things well and take a few steps to ensure your comfort, you can enjoy these benefits. 

Red-Eye Flight Tips – How to Be Comfortable

Speaking of comfort, frequent red-eye travelers understand the merits of being prepared and have a few hacks to make things easier. If you plan to travel by a red-eye flight, we recommend the tips mentioned below:

  • Have Food – Make sure you have a good dinner and are winding down for the day before you board the flight. That will place you in a restful state and it will be easier to fall asleep. 
  • Have Accessories – Carrying an eye mask, earplugs, and a neck pillow might seem silly, but they can help you sleep better, especially if you’re not accustomed to sleeping in a seated position. You can plug your ears to block the noise, cover your eyes to block the light, and support your neck. 
  • Consider Sleep Supplements – Taking sleep supplements like melatonin pills can make it easier for you to fall asleep during the flight. 
  • Don’t Look at Your Devices – If you want to pass time, you may be tempted to look at your phone or tablet screen. However, these things can keep you awake for longer than you wish to. The best way to encourage sleep is to close your eyes and keep the devices with their bright blue light screens aside. However, if you still crave entertainment, consider listening to an audiobook or podcast on a low volume. 

Following these steps will help ensure your trip is more relaxed and you can sleep. We recommend booking a flight that offers much better seats. If you have room in your budget, consider premium economy instead of standard. A more comfortable seat equals more comfortable rest, after all!

How to Find Cheap Red-Eye Flights?

Finding cheap red-eye flight tickets isn’t very difficult. You can go to an airline carrier’s website to manually look for the most affordable tickets offered by that particular carrier. Or you can use our platform to compare the prices from different carriers and find the best red-eye flight deals. If you plan to book with us, all you’ll have to do is share your requirements and we’ll compare flight prices, the value of the tickets, perks, amenities, etc, to find the most valuable deal for your requirements.

Airlines with Red-Eye Flights

Most popular airlines operating in and from Canada offer red-eye flight services. Most of these flights operate from west coast destinations to east coast destinations to help save time. As the time zones are different from the west coast and the east coast, travelers gain around two to four hours on their trip. So, a long red-eye from the west coast to the east coast will still arrive quite early in the morning. 

Popular airlines that run these flights include:

  • Air Canada 
  • WestJet Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • United Airlines

Whether you want to book WestJet red-eye flights or prefer Delta red-eye flights, we can help you find the best deal. 


Q. Are Red-Eye Flights Safe?

Ans. Yes, red-eye flights are safe for the most part. They are even safer if you manage to sleep throughout the flight despite the environmental disruptions. Most people use aids like ear-plugs, eye-masks, pillows, etc, to ensure they are in a comfortable position. However, if you are unable to sleep effectively on these flights and fly very frequently, it will be a good idea to seek out alternatives. The lack of sleep will eventually catch up and cause health problems. 

Traveling during the night is also generally safe but if you are traveling from a country with relatively high rates of criminal activity, you may want to get a normal daytime flight. 

Q. Can I Fly a Red-Eye Flight with a Toddler?

Ans. There are pros and cons of flying red-eye with a toddler and it depends entirely on whether your child can sleep on the airplane. If they sleep soundly on the airplane, a red-eye flight will be a blessing, lowering your travel stress considerably. 

We recommend being prepared and making sure your child is both well-fed and doesn’t have any excitable engagement near their bedtime. If both you and your child can sleep during the flight, you will start your trip on a positive note. 

Q. How to Book Red-Eye Flights?

Ans. The red-eye flights are easily available on different booking platforms. You can purchase the tickets on our platform as well. All you need to do is to find flights that depart after 10 PM and arrive at the destination sometime during the morning. You can also mention that you want to book a red-eye directly to our customer service agent so they may find the best deals for you. 

Q. Is it Possible to Sleep on a Red-Eye Flight?

Ans. Many people do manage to sleep fairly well during a red-eye. However, it isn’t for everybody. The only way to determine if such a schedule will suit you is to try it once. If you manage to catch some sleep during the flight and don’t feel too exhausted the following morning, a red-eye may be suitable for you. 

Now that you know what is the meaning of red-eye flights, you decide whether you want to travel by one. MyTicketsToIndia offers great red-eye flight deals from Canada to India and back. We’ll help you choose between a large number of popular carriers, airports, and destinations, making your booking process a breeze. 


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