Domestic Flight ID Requirements – Flying Without an ID

Flying Without an ID

Posted on Jul 4th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Aug 8th, 2022

Air travel is tightly controlled and there are restrictions and domestic flight ID requirements that travelers must keep in mind. You can find all of the travel document requirements on the airline’s website or by looking at government sources. Double Checking these requirements is essential, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Traveling without an ID or with an invalid ID can lead to legal trouble. Let’s look at the ID requirements for domestic flights in Canada.

ID Required to Travel Domestically

To fly domestically within Canada, you need to carry some form of identification with you. Fortunately, there are several options available so even if you lose one ID document, you can use another to travel. According to the travel authority in Canada, people who wish to fly domestically must:

  • Provide one Canadian government-issued ID with a photograph, full legal name, and date of birth. 
  • OR provide two IDs with full legal name and date of birth but without a photograph.

The name on your identification must match the name on your boarding pass or ticket details for you to be allowed on a flight. 

Can I Use My Driver’s License to Fly Within Canada?

Yes, you can use a valid driver’s license to fly within Canada as long as you’re a citizen of Canada. You can also use an enhanced driver’s license issued by the United States as identification.

As long as your government-issued domestic flight ID requirement is valid and not expired, you can travel without any restrictions within the country. However, documents like boating, hunting, and fishing licenses are not considered valid IDs for flying. They will not be accepted and if you don’t provide any alternative documents, you will be forced to cancel your trip and remain at home. 

Acceptable Forms Of Identification For Flying

Before you leave your house, take a look at the acceptable forms of identification for flying. That will help you avoid any sort of hassle during check-in and boarding. The forms of identification include:

  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card 
  • Canadian territorial or provincial driver’s license
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian territorial or provincial health card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian territorial or provincial government ID cards
  • Immigration documents 
  • Canadian Military Identification
  • Federal Police Identification
  • Old Age Security or OAS Card
  • Federal or Provincial government employee card
  • Firearms license
  • Certificate of Indian Status or Status Card issued by the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • NEXUS Card

If you have any of these documents on hand, you can board a flight and continue on your journey. We recommend taking at least two different forms of photographic domestic flight ID requirement with you. Make sure you store them in different places so that if one is lost, you still have another. 

Lost ID – Need to Fly

If you have a lost ID and can’t produce an alternative, you need to find other documents that will validate your identity. Here’s a look at what you can do:

  • Provide other forms of identity like a Public transit pass, employee identity card, or baptismal certificate. 
  • Along with these documents, provide a government document or a police service report that can act as proof of the loss or theft of your primary government-issued ID. 

Make sure the personal details mentioned on the new identification match the personal details mentioned on your ticket or boarding pass. If there is any discrepancy, the airline will not allow you on the flight. 

What Kind Of Id Does A Child Need To Fly?

The domestic flight ID requirements for children aren’t very stringent. They can travel with just their birth certificate or any sort of student ID card. They don’t require any sort of government identification unless they are traveling internationally or as a part of the airline’s Unaccompanied Minor Service. 

The birth certificate should show the name of both parents. If the child is traveling internationally, they need a passport. Canada does not allow minors to travel on their parent’s passports. Before you travel, apply for a minor passport and leave enough room for the approval process. 

Some countries may require more than one identification document to ensure the child is traveling under safe and secure conditions. 

How Do I Get My ID if I Lost Everything?

If you have lost everything, don’t panic. There are resources in place to help individuals who have lost access to their identifying documents. Here’s what you can do:

  • Contact the police and report your government-issued identity cards lost, damaged, or stolen. The police report will act as proof of theft or loss. 
  • Contact the place of your birth and request the local authority to get a duplicate of your birth certificate. 
  • Contact your school, college, or workplace for issuance of identification. 
  • Apply for a replacement driver’s license and government ID card in your province or territory of residence. 

The procedures for replacing your important identification documents are usually explained on the relevant websites. For example, if you wish to replace your driver’s license, your province’s transport authority website will explain all of the details to you. 

It may take some time, but you can replace all of your domestic flights ID requirements eventually without must hassle. 

Traveling without ID is risky and in most cases, you won’t be allowed to board the flight. You may need to look for alternate methods of land travel if you can’t obtain any of the documents mentioned in this post. The most convenient and secure travel document to have is a passport. Apply for a passport and ensure it is always valid when you travel.


Q. Can you fly with a temporary ID?

Ans: No, you need a valid permanent ID to travel, even when you’re flying domestically. Expired IDs may not be accepted by transport authorities. 

Q. Can I use an expired passport to fly?

Ans: No. Expired documents aren’t valid documents and aren’t accepted as proof of identity. We recommend renewing your passport at least six months to a year before the document expires. 

Q. Do you need your ID to fly?

Ans: Yes, you do need a valid, non-expired ID to fly, even on domestic routes. If nothing else, use your driver’s license for domestic flights. As long as it is valid, it is considered an acceptable ID document. 

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