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Airplane or Car Crash – Which is More Likely_

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Everyone fears a plane crashing and no one wants to experience it in their lifetime. There’s a common misconception that such an accident is 100% fatal and feel a sense of helplessness associated with it. However, when you look at the raw numbers and data, it is clear that you’re more likely to become seriously or fatally injured while crossing a road than you are in planes crashing. 

Few things are more reassuring that the numbers complied by experts. Let’s look at the data collected over the years to understand how likely you are to experience airplane crashing in your lifetime.

Airplanes Crashing or Car Crashing – Which is More Likely?

According to the numbers, you’re more likely to experience and become injured in a car crash than in an airplane crash. 

  • 1 in 114 drives die in a car crash. 
  • 1 in 654 passengers die in a car crash. 
  • 1 in 9,821 people die in an airplane crash, this includes all kinds of airplanes from commercial to private. 

When you consider these facts, it is apparent that car rides are more likely to cause trouble. However, as long as the driver is cautious, an accident is unlikely. Similarly, airplanes usually crash due to human error and even then, there are several safety mechanisms in place to prevent the incident. The plane crash odds are definitely in your favor. 

Statistics of Air Plane Crash to Consider 

The aviation technology has improved considerably in the last few decades. Major manufacturers haven’t just improved the quality of their airplanes, they have also developed sophisticated software programs to guide their airplanes safely. This allows human pilots to focus on the most important factors and experience less fatigue during flights. 

Better working conditions help reduce the chances of human error, which has a direct impact on the percentage of plane crashes. Here’s a look at some stats collected between 2010 and 2021:

1. Number of Planes Crashing in a Year

More and more people have been traveling by airplanes over the past decade. The number of passengers has grown by a significant margin, going from 2.7 billion in 2010 to 4.5 billion in 2019.

Despite this, the number of fatalities and injuries due to a plane crashing have decreased. That’s a clear indication that safety standard has improved and plane crashes are even more unlikely today than they had been a decade ago. Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 2010 had 17 accidents 
  • 2011 had 17 accidents
  • 2012 had 14 accidents
  • 2013 had 16 accidents
  • 2014 had 14 accidents
  • 2015 had 17 accidents
  • 2016 had 11 accidents
  • 2017 had 5 accidents
  • 2018 had 18 accidents
  • 2019 had 14 accidents
  • 2020 had 10 accidents
  • 2021 had 5 accidents

These numbers are just accidents. They aren’t entirely fatal and many people have survived air planes crashing. 

2. Fatal Plane Crash Statistics 

Another statistic to consider is the number of deaths happening due to a plane crash every year. The numbers are, once again, smaller than most people expect. Here’s a look at the data between 2010 and 2021:

  • 2010 had 647 deaths 
  • 2011 had 145 deaths
  • 2012 had 389 deaths
  • 2013 had 188 deaths
  • 2014 had 823 deaths
  • 2015 had 471 deaths
  • 2016 had 249 deaths
  • 2017 had 12 deaths
  • 2018 had 422 deaths
  • 2019 had 214 deaths
  • 2020 had 303 deaths
  • 2021 had 74 deaths

According to the WHO, around 1.3 million people die on average in car crashes every year. This shows that the chance of dying in plane crash is relatively low.

3. Aircrafts Crashing Statistics 

Most of the plane crashing happens due to human error and not equipment malfunction. It is standard procedure to check the airplane equipment thoroughly before every flight. However, nothing is infallible and airplanes are no exception to this rule. Design flaws and some vulnerabilities do cause airplane crashes. Here’s a look at the number of crashes based on the aircraft company and model:

  • Airbus A300 was involved in 33 accidents.
  • Airbus 310 was involved in 8 accidents.
  • Airbus A319 was involved in 1 accident. 
  • Airbus A320 was involved in 28 accidents. 
  • Airbus A321 was involved in 7 accidents. 
  • Airbus A330 was involved in 9 accidents. 
  • Airbus A340 was involved in 5 accidents. 
  • Boeing 737 was involved in 149 accidents. 
  • Boeing 737 NG or Max models were involved in 27 accidents. 
  • Boeing 747 was involved in 49 accidents. 
  • Boeing 757 was involved in 9 accidents. 
  • Boeing 767 was involved in 15 accidents.
  • Boeing 777 was involved in 7 accidents. 
  • Canadiar Regional Jet was involved in 13 accidents. 

We recommend taking these numbers with a grain of salt simply because some airplane models are more popular, have been around for longer, and are used more often. For example, Boeing 747 is considered the most popular one around. Airbus A320 is also more popular than most offerings from the manufacturer. These numbers don’t clearly indicate the odds of a plane crash based on the aircraft model. 

However, it can help you understand the difference between different aircrafts and their relative safety.

4. Plane Crash Chances by Country 

Pilot training, work environment, support from towers, airport conditions, weather conditions, and similar factors play any important role when it comes to airplanes crashing. Some countries have a better environment than others. Some see more airplane traffic and that increases the chances of a crash. 

Here’s a look at the statistics of plane crashes of different countries between 2010 and 2021. Only countries with more than five crashes are included here because most experience at least one or two in any case.

  • USA has had 76 accidents.
  • Canada has had 12 accidents. 
  • India has had 21 accidents.
  • China has had 15 accidents. 
  • Brazil had had 18 accidents. 
  • France has had 15 accidents. 
  • Germany has had 6 accidents. 
  • Japan has had 8 accidents. 
  • South Korea has had 7 accidents. 
  • Egypt has had 5 accidents. 
  • Spain has had 8 accidents. 
  • Italy has had 8 accidents. 

These are the statistics of some of the more popular destinations among travelers.

5. Airplane Crashing by Airlines 

We recommend taking the numbers mentioned above with a grain of salt, but the ones mentioned below require some serious consideration. As mentioned repeatedly, most air plane crash investigations indicate that human error and neglect is a major factor in an accident. Some airlines have better standards and employees than others.

Let’s look at the statistics based on every airline carefully:

  • Air France has had 11 accidents. 
  • American Airlines has had 11 accidents. 
  • Indian Airlines has had 10 accidents. 
  • China Airlines has had 9 accidents. 
  • Korean Air has had 9 accidents. 
  • Pakistan International Airlines has had 8 accidents. 
  • United Airlines has had 7 accidents. 
  • Ethiopian Airlines has had 6 accidents. 
  • Egyptair has had 6 accidents. 
  • Thai Airways has had 6 accidents. 
  • VASP has had 6 accidents. 
  • American Eagle has had 5 accidents. 
  • Continental Airlines has had 5 accidents. 
  • Lufthansa has had 5 accidents. 

It is a good idea to choose an airline based on its past performance. Consider the airline’s reputation or speak with an experienced travel agent before you purchase a ticket.

Chances of Dying in a Plane Crash

Everyone fears being in an airplane crash because they consider it 100% fatal. The news reports on famous plane crashes don’t help. However, research from authoritative organizations like the US NTSB or National Transportation Safety Board indicates something different. 

According to these reports, between 1983 and 1999, around 95% of passengers involved in airplane crashes survived the experience. Moreover, 55% passengers survived a serious accident

No one wants to be involved in crashes, but if you are involved in one, you can take heart in the fact that there’s a chance of surviving a plane crash. 

Hopefully, these numbers help you realize that the odds of dying in a plane crash are fairly low. You can travel without worry and enjoy your trip to your favorite destination without encountering a crash. 


Q. Can a plane crash from turbulence?

Ans: It is very, very unlikely that an airplane will crash due to turbulence. That’s because most airplanes are designed to handle more than 1.5 times of force on airframes, this includes high winds and storms. If the turbulence is significant, pilots will implement measures like slowing down the aircraft to navigate the situation. 

Q. How many people have survived plane crashes?

Ans: The chances of surviving plane crashes are fairly high. Data from the US indicates 95% and data from Europe indicates 90% of the passengers survive. 

Q. Can I increase my chances of surviving a plane crash?

Ans: There are no concrete ways to increase your chance of surviving plane crash. However, if you sit in the back, fasten your seat belt, and wear clothing that are less likely to catch fire, your odds may improve. It is also important to understand the safety instructions provided clearly. 

Once you have understood the safety instructions and are no longer worried about plane crashing, come to us! 

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