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Solo Travel

Posted on Jul 14th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Aug 8th, 2022

Solo travel is a unique traveling experience. It can be something akin to a spiritual awakening for many people. It can change your perspective on travel and exploration, especially if you choose the right destinations. However, being a solo traveler requires some planning and caution. We have some tips that can help you move around safely and enjoy the experience. 

Why Is Solo Travel a Good Idea?

Yes! It is an experience that you may end up cherishing for a lifetime! There are several benefits of traveling alone if you plan things correctly. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. Freedom to Plan Your Itinerary 

When you’re traveling with someone or in a group, you need to make some compromises. Other people may want to visit places you don’t want to or may be unwilling to visit places that you wish to see. Group travel is full of compromises and while it can be a fulfilling experience, it isn’t always pleasant. 

With solo traveling, you have a lot of liberty to choose your travel destinations. You can decide where you want to go and which places you want to explore without any input from anyone else. For example, someone who likes exploring nature may not visit to explore a famous urban jungle like London or NYC. With solo travel, you have complete control. 

2. Break from Socializing 

Socializing can be a tiresome experience for many people. Sometimes you just need a break from communicating and maintaining personal relationships. Solo travelers experience a wonderful break from socializing and can focus on themselves. Sometimes this form of travel can be almost a meditative experience. You can sink into your thoughts, enjoy being alone while exploring your dream destinations, and replenish your energy without considering anyone else. 

This kind of social break is very refreshing, especially if you deal with many people in your day-to-day life and feel drained. Group traveling can be an equally exhausting experience for such individuals. 

3. Lower Costs

Solo travel can be more affordable in some cases. You can skip the costs of visiting unwanted destinations just because your travel partners wished to visit. You can also book smaller rooms and use more affordable alternatives to travel if you don’t need to care about someone else’s comfort. However, solo travel can also be expensive if you aren’t careful about expenses. Make sure you look for the best deals and the most affordable flight tickets to save money on solo travel. 

What are the Challenges?

There’s a reason why traveling solo requires good planning. You may face several challenges during the trip, both practical and emotional. Here’s a look at some of the most common challenges a traveler may face:

1. Decision Fatigue 

When you travel alone, you need to make a lot of decisions alone, without any input from travel companions. This means you may need to overcome indecisiveness and make informed choices on your journey. This can eventually become exhausting, especially if you’re on a long trip. Decision fatigue is very common among solo travelers, which is why planning things in advance is essential. 

2. Risk 

Traveling can be risky. You’re in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unfamiliar people. There’s always a risk that something may go wrong. Even a simple bout of stomach upset will be difficult to deal with if you’re traveling alone. In some places, there is safety in numbers and a solo traveler can be uniquely vulnerable. One of the best ways to deal with the situation is to choose your destination carefully. 

3. Loneliness

The biggest benefit of solo travel is also the biggest disadvantage. Traveling alone is an amazing experience if you have the right mindset, but it can also be pretty lonely. Sometimes, when you’re in a foreign land, you just need a companion to have dinner with and share your experiences with. The loneliness can strike you at odd times throughout the journey. However, that doesn’t mean it will dominate your entire trip. 

These challenges can be overcome with some forethought. Don’t skip out on the great experience of vacationing solo just because you are afraid of the challenges. While the first time can be a nerve-racking experience, the times that follow can be very pleasant. 

Some of the Best Solo Travel Destinations

We mentioned before that you need to pick a destination carefully to minimize risk as much as possible. Choosing the right destination and being risk aware will contribute to your experience. Some of our most important tips for picking a travel destination are:

1. Big Sparkling Cities

Big cities are one of the best places for solo travelers. They are often safer than smaller towns and villages. You have access to a wide range of amenities, and if something goes wrong, it is easier to get help. 

Make sure you visit safe and well-known cities like London, Toronto, Hong Kong, New York City, and more. Every destination has some dangerous elements so it is important to observe reasonable precautions, but most major cities that attract tourists often are relatively safe for solo travelers. 

2. Beautiful Beaches

Beaches are an excellent destination for people who just want to disconnect and unwind. You can spend most of your time bathing under the sun and enjoying the sounds of water. Beautiful beaches are often safe if you observe proper precautions. Some of the more well-known beaches also have substantial lifeguard forces to keep things safe. 

While you may be surrounded by families and couples cuddling on the beach, it won’t feel very lonely. Some beach visitors end up in a partying mood and it is easy to socialize if you’re in the right mindset for it. 

3. Off the Beaten Path 

Backpackers are some of the most prolific solo travelers and they like to explore unique destinations instead of tourist traps. If you like to explore off the beaten paths, prioritize safety first. Consider destinations that have hostels, good support for trekkers and hikers, and ample resources for emergencies. For example, there are several hostels in destinations like Berlin or Bali. You can find affordable accommodations and make some new friends as well. 

Always carry out intensive research before you choose a destination, especially if you plan to backpack. Reach out to people who are familiar with the destination to get more accurate information about the place. 

4. Cruises for Solo Travelers

Cruises are perfect for solo travelers because you can explore different destinations but can also socialize whenever you’re in the mood. This option is ideal for people who want to experience solo travel but also like to mingle with others. It is easy to find a group to get along with and share a few meals with them. Cruise activities will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the trip. 

Moreover, there’s very little risk of decision fatigue if you’re on a cruise ship because most of your itinerary will be planned by the cruise liner. You just need to pick the right one. 

Invest some time into researching destinations. You can look for guides online to find the best places to visit as a beginner solo traveler. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks for a Solo Traveler

  • Pack lightly and carry as little as you can. 
  • Divide your money and keep it in different places. If your wallet goes missing, you will still have some funds to help you. 
  • Don’t be afraid to socialize but always watch what you risk or eat. Don’t accept drinks from strangers and always monitor your open drinks carefully. 
  • Be aware of all the emergency services and numbers of your destination. 
  • Learn some basic words of the local language if you are visiting a non-English speaking country. 
  • Take some entertainment with you like an iPad, book, Kindle, etc. Sometimes solo traveling can be a bit boring. 
  • Try new things and don’t hesitate to experiment. 

Just be risk-aware and observe the required precautions based on your destination. You will find that solo travel isn’t as bad as it first appears. 


Q. Is solo travel more affordable?

Ans: It can be more affordable than group travel if you plan things correctly. However, it depends on the nature of your trip. Sometimes group travel is more affordable because you’re splitting costs. 

Q. Is traveling single safe?

Ans: As long as you observe some reasonable precautions and choose your destinations carefully, traveling solo can be safe. 

Q. Is solo travel lonely?

Ans: This depends on your approach to solo traveling. Many people use it as an opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Some aspects of the journey can be a little isolating and lonely but that isn’t always a bad thing. 

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