A Detailed Guide to the Air Canada Check-In Process

Air Canada Check in Policy

Posted on Apr 11th, 2022 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated on Oct 17th, 2022

Air Canada flight check-in can be a bit of an intimidating process if you have never gone through it before. Fortunately, the airline carrier provides many options and makes the process as simple as it can be. We explain the check-in facilities in detail so you know what to do and can go through them without any hindrance. 

Air Canada Web Check-In 

Air Canada offers an easy web check-in facility. You just need to log onto their website and fill out the form. You will need the details mentioned below for the web check-in:

  • The passenger’s last name
  • Booking reference number containing six letters or numbers. 
  • Or an Aeroplan ID number containing nine numbers.
  • Or an Air Canada employee number, which is a combination of eight letters and numbers. 
  • Or a ticket number, which contains 13 numbers. 

Once you have checked in, you can print your boarding pass at home, use the airport kiosk, or have an electronic copy of it on your mobile phone. 

You need to carry out the Air Canada online check in from 24 hours to before your check-in deadline. The deadline will change according to your destination and flight time so it is important to double-check that before you go through with the process. 

We recommend checking in several hours in advance anyways to avoid any last-minute hassles. 

Once you reach the airport, print out the tags for your checked-in baggage at the airport kiosk before dropping them off at the baggage drop. Make sure all of the information is in order before doing so to avoid issues during transit.

Air Canada Mobile Check-In

If you use Air Canada regularly, it is a good idea to download their app to access their mobile check-in facility. The app is available on both Android and iPhone app stores and is easy to use. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the mobile check-in facility:

  • Access the Air Canada app or the Air Canada mobile web app at 
  • Click on the check-in option and keep the important details handy to fill in the form. 
  • Enter your first and last name along with your identification number. You can use the booking reference number or the Aeroplan ID for this. 
  • Enter your departure city details. 
  • Select the passengers you want to check in for the flight. 
  • You’ll be provided a list of instructions on how to select a standard or preferred seat, enter luggage details, and complete your check-in.
  • Once you have entered your luggage details, you can pay the baggage fees directly on the app. 
  • If your trip is eligible for an electronic boarding pass, you can opt for it by entering your email address or mobile number. The e-boarding pass will be sent to you directly. 
  • If your trip isn’t eligible, which is possible if the airport doesn’t accept an electronic boarding pass, visit the airport kiosk to print out a physical boarding pass or get it from an Air Canada agent.  
  • You can also cancel your check-in as long as you haven’t printed out the baggage tags. 

The mobile check-in option also offers additional services like making same-day flight changes or requesting an upgrade if eligible. 

If you don’t want to download an app, you can still check in on your mobile phone. You can carry out the Air Canada check in in the mobile browser and get the same results. 

You can’t use Air Canada online check in if you are flying out of an airport that doesn’t support such a service. You can’t use the Air Canada app to check in on flights operated by another airline. If you’re traveling with more than nine passengers in your company, it is best to use direct check-in. 

Airport Self-Serve Kiosk 

If you have time on your hands and intend to arrive at the airport early anyway, using the airport self-serve kiosk for Air Canada flight check in is a great option. It can be used if you have purchased your ticket from a travel agent, online, or through Air Canada reservations. Here’s a look at the services provided at the kiosk:

  • Air Canada online check in.
  • Selecting or changing your seats on the flight.
  • Mentioning the number of bags and paying the baggage fees. 
  • Printing out the baggage tags. 
  • Printing out the boarding pass. 
  • Entering passport information if needed. 
  • Opting for an electronic boarding pass if available. 
  • Purchasing a last-minute upgrade if there’s one available. 
  • You can also use the kiosk to add or remove bags if you have already checked in. 

The Air Canada self-service kiosks are available at most major airports in Canada and around the world. You can use the link at the bottom of this page to find out if there’s a kiosk at your originating airport. 

While checking in at the kiosk, you will need your booking reference ID, payment card, frequent flyer card (Aeroplan or Star Alliance,) barcode on the itinerary, and passport.

Air Canada Check In Times

It is important to keep track of check-in times when you’re out on a trip. Last-minute check-ins are often stressful and can even lead to missed flights. It is better to be a little early than to be too late. 

1. Air Canada Domestic Check-in Time

It is best to arrive 90 minutes before the boarding time if you’re traveling within Canada. The check-in and baggage drop deadline is 45 minutes before the boarding. You must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before your flight. The gate will close 15 minutes before the flight is ready to depart. 

Respect the check-in and boarding times because seats may be reassigned if you don’t make it. 

2. Air Canada Check In Times for International Flights

The check-in times can vary depending on your destination, origin airport, and flight time. If your flight leaves before 9 AM out of the Toronto Pearson airport, you may need to arrive at least 3 hours early. Here’s a look at the timings:

  • For flights to and from the US, you need to arrive at the airport at least 120 minutes before the flight. Check-in and baggage drop should happen at least 60 minutes before boarding. The gate deadline is 30 minutes and the gate will close 15 minutes before the flight is set to depart. 
  • The schedule is different for departures from Toronto (YYZ) and Montréal (YUL). You should arrive at the airport 180 minutes or three hours before boarding, check in and drop baggage around 90 minutes before the flight, and be at the gate 30 minutes before the flight. The gate will close 15 minutes before the flight is set to depart. 
  • For international flights to other destinations, you need to be at the airport 180 minutes to 240 minutes (in the case of International Airports) before departure. Check-in and baggage drop should be done 60 minutes before the flight, 90 minutes in the case of Toronto Pearson YYZ. Passengers should be at the gate at least 45 minutes before departure and the gate will be closed 30 minutes before the flight. 

When you’re traveling to international destinations, it is a good idea to arrive early enough to go through the entire check-in, baggage drop, and security check process smoothly, without hurrying. 

3. Early Air Canada Check-In Time Before Flight

Cautious travelers want to know just how early they can check in for their flight. 

  • If you’re checking in online or through your mobile app, you can get through the process 24 hours before the departure time. 
  • If you’re going through self-service kiosks at the airport, you can check in at least 12 hours before departure. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that baggage drop is only permitted 4 hours before departure (3 hours for destinations outside Canada and US). If you wish to use the self-serve kiosk, it is best to wait until you can drop off your baggage. 

How to Get the Air Canada Boarding Pass?

There are several ways to get your boarding pass from different mediums during check-in. They are mentioned below:

  • You can get an Air Canada print boarding pass through the self-serve kiosk at your departing airport. 
  • You can print the boarding pass at home after you finish the check-in. 
  • If you prefer an electronic boarding pass, you just need to mention it during check-in and provide your email ID and mobile phone number. The pass will be sent to your device. Make sure your airport accepts an electronic boarding pass before using this option.
  • Finally, you can get the pass directly from the Air Canada agent during manual check-in.

This is everything you need to know about the Air Canada check-in. You can always visit the airline carrier’s website to know more. 


Q. How many luggage can I check in Air Canada?

Ans. This depends on your flight type, Aeroplan status, class of service, destination, and other such factors. We explain the Air Canada baggage rules in detail in our (link WEB BLOG – All You Need to Know About Air Canada Baggage Allowance) post. 

Some flights allow the first bag for free or the first and second bag for free. You will need to pay a fee for every additional baggage beyond that. 

Q. What if my Air Canada mobile check-in is not working?

Ans. Sometimes technology can fail us but there’s no need to panic. If your mobile check-in doesn’t work, just use web check-in or arrive at the airport a little early to use the self-serve kiosk or manual check-in. Air Canada typically stays on top of such things so the mobile check-in service should be restored quickly. You can try an hour or so later to see if it still works. 

Sometimes mobile check-in can fail because of a surge in traffic. 

Q. Are there any Air Canada check-in restrictions?

Ans. Yes, there are a few restrictions on mobile, web, and kiosk check-in. These include:

  • You’re traveling in a group that includes more than nine individuals. In such a case, you may need to check in multiple times in groups of nine.
  • You are checking in for an unaccompanied minor. 
  • You need to request a special meal, wheelchair, and other special necessities. 
  • You’re traveling with a pet.

It is best to contact Air Canada in advance under these circumstances to ensure you don’t encounter any problems at the last moment. 

Q. What if I am coming off a connecting flight?

Ans. If you’re between connecting flights, make sure you have the minimum connection times in mind. Air Canada provides all of the information you need on their website. You should check the minimum connection time required for your connecting airport to ensure you don’t miss a flight. For example, if you’re flying within Canada, the minimum connecting time at the Calgary airport is 35 mins. However, if you arrive from the US, the connecting time in Calgary is 50 mins. 

The minimum connection time ensures you have enough room to switch terminals, go through security checks, and handle other details without rushing. 

Now that you understand the Air Canada check-in process, you are set to travel. If you haven’t yet booked flights from India to Canada, we can help. MyTicketsToIndia is an IATA-certified travel agency  that makes booking tickets a breeze. We aim to provide the best flight deals to our clients and help them save money on their trip.


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